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Ariana Huffington

Larry Gelbart

JEAN FERRO  Music & Personality Archive Collection   UPDATED Sept 2009        
editorial, portraits, documentation. film production stills


Barney Ales
6/1977, Record World Salutes Barney Ales, pvt. Party w/Barry Gordy, Bernie Taupin, radio personalities, b/w

Christina Applegate
1992 portrait session w/Stuart Gavert, hair colorist color/transp, Los Angeles Mag, feature

John Aprea

2/2007 Bare Knuckles Pre production

Armond Assante
Pvt. session color Polaroid 1981


Brian Auger
2/1976, Tower Records, Los Angeles performance (RCA) b/w

Razzy Bailey
11/1979, portrait session, (RCA) Nashville b/w

Billy Bass
3/1977, 9/1981, DJ Hall of Fame/Rock & Roll Museum, Ohio 1995 b/w

George Benson
4/1977, Recording Studio/LA "Greatest Love Of All" single w/Michael Masser "producer, b/w

Tony Berlant

1997, “Fox”, measuring 36 feet high, commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, documentation in Berlant studio of construction of art along with installation at Fox Studios.

Black Randy
1977, punk rocker, pvt. session interview w/Bob & Bob b/w

Black Russian
12/1979, LP Cover, First Russian Pop group ever signed to
an American Label (Motown) Natasha, Serge, Vladimir b/w & color/transp
(Natasha continued on as Natasha Schneider w/Queens of the Stone Age)

Ronee Blakley
1974, our personal trip to Mexico b/w
3/1977 Roxy/Los Angeles (Asylum Records) b/w (played in Altman’s Nashville)

Elvin Bishop
10/1976, S.I.R. Recording studios, San Francisco b/w

Bob & Bob
2/1977, LA Artists, interviews, i.e., Black Randy b/w Wet Magazine

David Bowie
9/1974, Diamond Dogs Tour Concert/LA (RCA) b/w & color/transp

Bruce Burger
5/1995, pvt. session promo (Global Pacific Records) b/w

Eric Burdon
4/1975, Palm Desert support documentation of LP shoot w/group b/w


David Cassidy
7/1976, pvt. photo session at (RCA) recording studio/LA, b/w
6/1976 Trade publication visit; Billboard, Cashbox, (RCA) b/w
9/1977 Dodger Stadium w/wife Kay Lenz and Captain & Toni Tennille b/w

John Cassavetes
6/1981, Center Theatre, rehearsals (3 act Play) w/Gena Rowlands, Nick Cassavetes, Peter Falk, b/w


3/1977, CBS Studio w/Martin Mull, Cher Show: Comedy show, segment, imitating Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner (CBS) b/w

David Chokachi
2008, actor, Dreamless film stills

Scott Colomby
1982, 20th Century Fox, portrait session b/w

Jessie Colter / Waylon Jennings
6/1976, Santa Monica Civic concert & backstage (RCA) b/w

Jackie Cooper
1990, Los Angeles Directors Guild color/transp, Women In Film Festival

11/1993, high profile hair stylist, portraits color/transp, cover Atelier
1/1992, portraits w/Christina Ferrare, Los Angeles Magazine feature. color/transp

John Cross
11/1982, studio portrait session b/w

6/1977, Wally Heider Rehearsal Studio w/Styx Cooper b/w


Allen Daviau
1987, Los Angles, American Filmmaker (Spielberg’s Dir. of Photography) color/transp

Bruce Davison
1/1992 portrait session w/trainer Jackson Sousa color/transp

John Denver
4/1976, car ride with Denver in his new w/Yellow Porsche, (trade ad to thank Manager Jerry Weintraub (RCA) color/transp
10/1978, w/Valerie Harper dance routine rehearsal b/w
TV Special w/Cheryl Tiegs color transp
Playing Ping Pong/RCA Recording Studio/Hollywood b/w

Samson DeBrier
Int'l Raconteur 12/1980, studio session, b/w & color Polaroid's
1981 portraits w/Sister Yvonne Modica at home b/w. Interior of house color/neg
1995 interior & exterior b/w & color/transp. Pvt. portraits, b/w & color
1995 public tribute & private tribute documentation (1910-1995) color/neg
life history photo story boards color/transp & HI-8

10/1977, Palomino Club/backstage (RCA) b/w

Rick Danko
11/1977, Las Vegas concert & backstage (Arista) b/w

6/1978, Michael Des Barres, Bobby Picket, John Hyde, LA concert KWEST, John Anson Ford Theatre b/w


Lake & Palmer
8/1977, Long Beach Convention Center concert color/transp

Eric Etebari, 1974 - current,
Actor, Director, Producer, Bare Knuckles Movie, (2007-08)
Stone Landscape, (2007)
The Dreamless, (2008) production stills, video, studio portraits
2006, Knuckles & The Knockouts, concert,
Knitting Factory, Hollywood, video/ photos (2006)

JEAN FERRO  Music & Personality Archive Collection   
UPDATED Sept. 2009        
editorial, portraits, documentation. film production stills



10/1977, Visiting Los Angeles and trade, publications, RCA b/w

Jose Feliciano
8/1975, Roxy/Los Angeles, concert & backstage (RCA) b/w

Dr. Feelgood
3/1976, Starwood, Los Angeles & pvt. party (Columbia) b/w

Maynard Ferguson
8/1977, Santa Monica Civic concert (CBS) b/w

Christina Ferrare
1/1992, portraits w/hair stylist Cristophe. color/transp, Los Angeles Magazine, feature

Jean Ferro,
1974-present, Self Portraits, locations, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles El Centro Studio, Valentino Place Studio

Juan Fernández
6/1980 portrait session b/w 5/1981 portrait session b/w & color, El Centro Studio

Geggy Tah
1995, rehearsals w/Susan Rogers, producer b/w


Larry Gelbart
1991, Writer, Mash and City of Angeles, pvt. session at Beverly
Hills home and w/ City of Angels marques color/transp. Los Angeles Magazine feature

Richard Godfrey,
Artist, Los Angeles, artist studio portraits

Andrew Gold
3/1977 visiting label b/w

Grant Goodeve
5/1975, Eight is Enough, portrait session, 1st composite b/w

Dobie Gray
1977, visiting label Capricorn Records b/w

Henry Gross
1976, Palomino Club backstage b/w


Rita Hayworth
5/1977, Thalian Ball Tribute, pvt. interview b/w

Arianna Huffington
1989, portrait session, Four Seasons Hotel color/transp, Los Angeles Magazine feature


Iggy Pop
4/1977, pvt. Trades LP promo The Idiot, interview b/w


Sonny James
2/1977, CBS performance & backstage, Donny & Marie Osmond Show b/w

Joe Jasgur
1990, w/Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) exhibit/Hollywood color/transp

Waylon Jennings / Jessi Colter
6/1976, Santa Monica Civic concert & backstage (RCA) b/w

8/1977, Long Beach Arena concert & backstage (Columbia) b/w


Kid Creole (& the Coconuts)
10/1976, August Darnell & Coati Mundi
(Sugar Coated Andy Hernandez formally of Savannah Band) (RCA) b/w / color

Knuckles & The Knockouts
9/18/2006 Knitting Factory Hollywood, CA celebrity rock concert to benefit American Foundation for Suicide Prevention photos/vide,

Martin Kove
2007 actor, (Karate Kid fame) Bare Knuckles Movie, film stills color/digital


Cleo Laine
3/1977, w/John Dankworth, Trade publication visit/LA b/w

Tommy Leonetti
2/1977, visiting radio stations b/w

Charlotte Lewis
1/1992 portraits w/Ole Henrikson/skin care salon color/transp

Sophia Loren
1978, Pvt. interview/Los Angeles color/transp

Janet Leigh
1977, Century Plaza, MS Benefit b/w

Tommy Lasorda
9/1977, Dodger coach w/Toni Tennille on field at stadium b/w

Lucie Awards

10/12/2012, 10th Annual Beverly Hilton Hotel, Selected images


Louis Mandylor
6/2007, actor, Bare Knuckles film stills color/digital

Marcel Marceau
6/1976, in concert, Schubert Theatre/Century City b/w

Gary Owens
3/1977, DJ personality, w/Cleo Laine visiting KMPC/LA b/w

Groucho Marx
5/1976, pvt. interview at his home b/w

Michael Masser
4/1977 (Producer) w/George Benson in recording studio. b/w

Johnny Mathis
9/1977, His B'day, 4 people pvt./A&M Recording Studio/LA, b/w

James Mathers
9/1981, Artist Painter, El Centro studio portrait session b/w

Mink DeVille,
6/1977 or Willy DeVille, Louis X. Erlinger, LA concert KWEST, John Anson Ford Theatre b/w

Memphis Horns
3/1877, Wally Heider Recording studio b/w

Russell Morris
8/1975, San Francisco pvt. record party (RCA) b/w

Chris Mulkey,
2007 actor, Bare Knuckles Movie, film stills, color/digital

Martin Mull
3/1977, Cher Show w/Cher (Capricorn) b/w

Reba McEntire
1987, Valentino Place Studio & Location sessions b/w & color transp, 2 1/4


Helmut Newton

1987, Los Angeles pvt. session, Ferro/Valentino Place color/transp


5/1975 Donnie & Marie w/Sonny James backstage (CBS) b/w

Fred Otash
1991, portraits, locations + his home color/transp, Los Angeles Magazine


Paris Photo Series 2013-2015
Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, selected images

Don Peterson


Renee Petropoulos
1996-97, 2 month documentation of artist painting
"Just What Is Your Position?" 20th Century Fox executive building, Los Angeles

Michelle Phillips

1/1992 portrait session w/manicurist Goro Uesugi color/transp, Los Angeles Magazine feature

Mary Kay Place
6/1977, Studio 1 Club/W. Hollywood, backstage w/Harletts b/w

Sylvia Plachy,
10/2004, photographer, Lucie Awards, American Airlines Theater, NYC

Pure Prairie League
7/1975, Troubadour (RCA) b/w

Charley Pride
3/1978, RCA Records office portraits w/RCA Nipper b/w

Brian Protheroe
7/1975, press (Warner Brothers) b/w

JEAN FERRO  Music & Personality Archive Collection   
UPDATED Sept. 2009        
editorial, portraits, documentation. film production stills


Bill Quateman 4/1978, visiting trade publications (RCA) b/w

Ed Quinn

9/18/2006, Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA video, celebrity rock concert to benefit American Foundation for suicide prevention


12/1978, New Years Eve/radio promo b/w

Harry Reems
9/1976, portrait studio session b/w
10/1976, Fundraising event w/Hugh Hefner & Kathleen Nolan b/w

Debbie Reynolds
5/1977 Thailian Ball, Century City Hotel (Rita Hayworth Tribute)

Bridget “Baby Doll” Riley
6/2007, 4/2008 actress/stunts, Bare Knuckles Movie. film stills color/digital

Vicki Sue Robinson
9/1976, portraits on a leopard couch b/w Trades (RCA)

Roto Rooter
1974 (Good Time Band), street concert & store promo b/w

Jeanette Roxborough
(2007-2008) Bare Knuckles Movie, film stills color/digital


Vidal Sassoon
2/1981, Century City office (London Sun) color/transp

Savannah Band (Dr. Buzzards Original)
10/1976, SIR Recording Studio (RCA) b/w
Continental Hyatt Hotel pvt. session, individual studio portraits b/w
Warner Bros. Recording Studio during album production b/w visiting trade publications indoor/outdoor b/w (sessions from 10/76 - 12/78) Party, Hollywood Hills color/neg

Katey Sagal
1990, LA/Directors Guild color/transp

Michael Salerno,
Artist, Los Angeles, artist studio portraits

Jack Scalia
1991, exercising w/Frank Stalone color/transp, Los Angeles Magazine

Billy Squier
6/1977, studio portrait session b/w & color/transp
1984 T-Shirt promo and TV images color/transp

Charles Sherman,
Artist, brochure, artist studio portraits

Rick Springfield
1977, visiting radio station K100/LA b/w

Starland Vocal Band
6/1975, back stage w/John Denver w/Phoebe Snow (RCA) b/w

Ringo Starr
9/1977, private interview, his home, Los Angeles, b/w & color/transp

Gary Stewart
4/1975, in store promotion (RCA) b/w, 4/1978, Palomino Club/LA b/w

Rod Stewart
3/1975, w/Britt Eckland & Southerland Bros. backstage. Troubadour/LA b/w

Sutherland Bros.
3/1975, w/Rod Stewart Backstage Troubadour (Columbia) b/w

11/1979, studio portrait session, Nashville, (RCA) b/w

Sweet Honey in the Rock
8/1978 McCabe's Guitar Shop b/w


Elizabeth Taylor
1980, presentation to Simon Wiesenthal w/John Warner b/w

Danny Thomas
10/1990, LA/Directors Guild w/Jackie Cooper color/transp

Mickey Thompson
7/1976, SIR Recording Studio/San Francisco b/w

Cheryl Tiegs
1978 TV special w/John Denver

Toni Tennille
9/1977 w/Captain Teinnille, Tommy Lasorda, David Cassidy,
Dodger Stadium, singing national anthem b/w

Libby Titus
6/1977, studio portrait session (CBS) b/w & color/transp
9/1977 Photo session her house, W. Los Angeles color/transp

Marshall Tucker Band
10/1977, Santa Monica Civic concert & Pvt. , (Capricorn Records) Party on Santa Monica Pier b/w

U- V


Leon Ware
10/1976, studio portrait session color & b/w

Steve Wairner
11/1979, studio portrait session, Nashville, (RCA) b/w

Dennis Wilson
7/1977, (Beach Boys), his house on the beach color/transp


Yoko Uno Exhibit
10/1993, Glasses & Shoes, Cranbrook Academy of Art

Will continue to enter band members and add more titles and info
(early work thru 1981 was under Jean Radnetter)

David Bowie
Eric Etebari

Diamond Dogs Tour

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