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International Newspaper List


Photo Based Mixed Media 30” * 34” framed
Front Page Newspapers, laminated onto 4ply Museum rag
Liberty Photo Abstract 10 1/2” * 15”, centered overlay

Africa, Gambia Daily Observer   (6/5/96)
Argentina La Nacion   (6/2/96)
Armenia The Armenian Observer   (6/14/96)
Hayastani Hanrapetoutioun   (6/13/96)
Australia The Sydney Morning Herald   (6/15/96)

Die Presse   (6/1/96)


Folha De S Paulo   (6/13/96) (Sold)

Canada The Globe & Mail   (6/5/96)
China Guangming Daily   (6/2/96)
Columbia El Espectador   (6/3/96)

Dario Las Americas   (6/5/96)

Egypt Al Ahram   (6/15/96)
El Salvador El Prensa Grafica   (6/3/96)

The Times   (6/11/96)

Fiji Times The Fiji Times  (6/4/96)
(Fiji Times, the first Newspaper in the world each day)

Le Monde   (6/6/96)

Germany Franffurter Allgemeine  (6/3/96)

Hkaohmepinh   (6/9/96)

India The Times of India   (6/3/96)
Iran Hamshahri   (6/6/96)
Ireland The Irish Times   (6/1/96)
(The G Ray Hawkins Gallery)
Israel Yediot Achronot   (6/5/96)

Corriere Della Sera   (6/5/96)


Mainichi Shimbun   (6/1/96)

Korea The Han-Kyoreh Shiamua   (6/12/96)

Al Watan International   (6/13/96)


Al Hayat   (6/4/96)


Excelsior   (6/6/96)

Netherlands Algemeen Dagblad   (6/3/96)
New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald  (6/8/96)

Peru El Comercio   (6/2/96)
Philippines The Philippine Star   (6/7/96)
Puerto Rico

El Vereco de Puerto Rico   (6/15/96)

Romania Curierul National   (6/5/96)

Moscow News  (6/2-6/9/96)

Saudi Arabia Asharo Al-Awsat   (6/5/96)
Scotland Scotland On Sunday  (6/2/96)
Spain El Pais   (6/3/96)
Sweden Dagens Nyheter   (6/2/96)


Neue Zurcher Zeitung   (6/5/96)
(printed since 1779)


Hurriyet   (6/3/96)

USA Los Angeles Times   (6/10/96)
USA The New York Times   (6/1/96)
(1996, 100 year Anniversary NY Times)

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Edmund Teske Quote

Fine Art Photographer,
July 1996

"Jean Ferro---Artist photographer --- uses the inherent
techniques of creative photography to sing the song of
Global Liberty.'

Her symbol, The Statue of Liberty itself, that great gift
from France now 110 years of age.

She mounts her prints in the center of newspapers gleaned
from just about every country from out of this wondrous and
mad hodgepodge quilt of countries throughout the world.

Your show Jean Ferro! -- is the essence of Walt Whitman
and the Edward Steichen great show 'Family of Man.'

Oh! yes --- Global Liberty."

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History of Work

By Jean Ferro, Photo Artist

On April 19, 1985, I returned to Bucks County, PA with my family for
my Grandmothers 100th Birthday celebration. I always loved hearing the
stories Grandmom told about coming to America and reuniting with Grandpop. Theresa thought Frank was just grand!

She knew my Grandfather's family. They were from the same town.

In 1905, at the age of 20, Grandmom set sail from Austria and arrived in New York at Ellis Island. Only once in 80 years did she return to her native Austria. Her new life and love belonged to Frank, her family and to America.

Grandmom and Grandpop were married for forty years, had two children, four grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. After my Grandfather died 1946, Grandmom never remarried. She remained on the farm, taking care of her own family along with dozens of foster children for many years. In September, 1985, at the age of 100 years and six months, my Grandmother died peacefully at home in Pennsylvania.

Before I left the east coast that same year, 1985, I made a trip to New York City to capture an image of the Statue of Liberty. Returning to Los Angeles in October, I immediately set to work creating the new photo image that would combine Grandmom's spirit, freedom, and my profession as a photographer for the Statue's upcoming 100th B' day (1986). I wanted to create an image that represented a woman, like myself, in the communication arts.

Dressed in a copper-colored robe (Miss Liberty's exterior is made of copper), a photo flash in hand to imitate the torch, and a camera positioned on a book to look as if it were resting on her tablet, the studio photo sessions began. Well...four photo sessions and seven months later, I finally had the completed work. The final image "Liberty" was composed of the studio photograph superimposed over an actual image of the Statue.

In 1990, a series of new one-of-a-kind photographs were produced, using the original "Liberty" image. In 1993, 1994 and 1995 the images "TV Liberty," "Glorious," and "Moire" were donated and sold at fund raising auctions for the Barnsdall Junior Arts Center in Los Angeles. These and other images have been exhibited at Home Savings of America, and the state's California Bear Credit Union.

To celebrate Miss Liberty's 110 B' day on July 4th of 1996,"Global Liberty", a series of Forty-two colorful abstract images placed over newspapers from around the world, was created. The exhibit will line the walls of the
Henry P. Rio BRIDGE GALLERY at Los Angeles City Hall, July 1 to July 19, 1996. 200 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, Hours: 8am - 5pm

Jean Ferro's photographic art has been featured in Zoom Magazine, Petersen's Photographic, and French, Italian and Japanese publications, as well as on national television. Additionally, her work has been exhibited in major galleries and museums in the United States and Japan.

About the Sculpture Bartholdi
Artist Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, was from Alsace region of France. Bertholdi was first inspired to create Miss Liberty on his American tour of 1871. The formation of the Union Franco-American Committee was created to work on presenting the Statue to the American public, fastening a new, the strong ties between the two nations. In 1876 the torch was brought to Philadelphia to raise funds to help finish the delayed and controversial project. The July 4, 1986 (date inscribed on tablet) was hampered with setbacks and Miss Liberty was finally unveiled on October 28, 1986 to a cheering public.


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Statue of Liberty

Exhibit List:

1998 Fine Art Building, Los Angeles

"Statue of Liberty" Colors II DADA Downtown Lives '96

"Global Liberty" 42 images, photo based mixed media
Henry P. Rio Bridge Gallery, Los Angeles City Hall (7/1-7/19/96)

"Unifying Liberty" WaterColors, TV Liberty, Colors"
Sponsor A&I Color/LA (new variation of colors) California Bear Credit Assoc., Los Angeles 19 images
Statue of Liberty "Moire" (1995) 8" x 9 3/4" multiple overlay
Barnsdall Art Pk./FOJAC 1995 auction (sold)

"Statue w/Palms" 8 1/2" x 11"
Brainchild Publication #4 February (b/w outline/limited ed.)
Statue of Liberty "Glorious" 8 1/2" x 11" (limited ed.)
Barnsdall Art Pk./FOJAC 1994 auction (sold)

Aller Simple French/American publication, cover/color July/Aug.
Homes Savings of America, 7th & Figueroa/Los Angeles

Statue of Liberty "WaterColors" Multiple (15) 40" x 47,"
Sponsor: Paris Photo Lab, 1992
Home Savings of America, exhibit 7th & Figueroa/Los Angeles
Statue of Liberty "TV Liberty" Multiple /28 25" x 35" Cibachrome,
Sponsor: Paris Photo Lab/LA, exhibit 1992
Barnsdall Art Pk, FOJAC Auction/25 yr 8 1/2" x 11" (sold, Ltd ed.)

1991 Statue of Liberty "Colors" Multiple of twelve 40" x 55" Cibachrome
Sponsor Paris Photo Lab 1991
Statue of Liberty "Unifying Liberty" 3' x 4' Dye Coupler print
Sponsor: Olsen's Color Expansions 1991
Home Savings of America, exhibit 7th/Figueroa/Los Angeles

1990 Statue of Liberty, (new product experiment) Fuji AP5000 color copier
Fuji Film Corp.

1986 Photo Statue Original 8" x 10" pin registered transparency
Sponsor: A&I Color Laboratories/Los Angeles

Other Exhibits: Global Liberty, Spanish Kitchen, Salon 703, TOOE, Fox Story Telling

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PR Release

GOAL: To encourage Corporate, or Foundation,
sponsorship for the exhibit of


Today's electronic media is quickly eliminating the
manual labor of printing and shipping traditional
'"foreign countries" newspapers. The trend, now, is
to electronically send a modified front page out of the
original country. The receiving countries print the
modified front page, and then add in the local news
to support their communities.

GLOBAL LIBERTY consists of 42 brightly colored
abstract images of Liberty, displayed against a
background of original newspaper front pages from
thirty-nine foreign countries, New York, Los Angeles
and Puerto Rico. Newspapers were collected from June 1st
through June 15th of 1996, showing a slice of current events,
at that time, from around the world.

GLOBAL LIBERTY was created to celebrate the
Statue of Liberty's 110th B' day and was
exhibited at Los Angeles City Hall's "Bridge Gallery",
July thru August, 1996. While looking at the newspaper
front pages, one senses the issues of the time and
America’s influence in the global community.

Artist Jean Ferro brings a new perspective to
Miss Liberty, symbol of the promise
of freedom to immigrants from around the globe.
GLOBAL LIBERTY honors America’s spirit of opportunity,
personal freedom and unity of diverse cultures.

Fine Art Photographer Edmund Teske is quoted as saying,
Your Show Jean Ferro is the essence of Walt Whitman
and Edward Steichen's"Family of Man'".

Ferro biographical information:

1998-current Michelle Isenberg, Fine Art Advisor, Los Angeles
1997-current Women In Photography Archives, Peter Palmquist
1996-current Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, slide registry
1995-current The World of Who's Who of Women editions 13, 14
1994-current Who's Who of American Women editions 19, 20


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L-R: Jean Ferro, Al Nodal (Gen Manager Cultural
Affairs), Outdoor Systems' Felicia Brannon.
Photo Courtesy of Rick Robinson

Coagula Art Journal
Issue #23 News
Mat Gleason

While the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty was celebrated in a truly tacky three-hour television special (remember the 400 Elvis impersonators and Bob Hopes's bad AIDS jokes) back in 1986, the 110 anniversary received virtually no attention--with the notable exception of Global Liberty, an installation at the Los Angeles City Hall, Downtown, by artist Jean Ferro.

Ms. Ferro took unique images of the Statue of Liberty mounted upon the front page of international newspapers and mounted them to span the Henry P. Rio Bridge Gallery. An opening reception saw art Czar Al Nodal shake hands with everyone., Council woman Ruth Galanter attack the vegetable platter and photography legend Edmund Teske joyfully examined the nuances of each of Ferro's pieces.

To show their support for the Los Angeles Art Scene, Gannett Outdoor underwrote the printing and installation of a promotional bus bench poster for Ferro's Fine Art exhibit. Fighting for the arts behind the corporate world scenes: none other than Gannett's Rick Robinson, not even rested from his excellent Street-O-Matic show at Santa Monica's Bergamot Station. Let's hope that the Gannett buy-out by Outdoor Systems doesn't alter the Robinson's commitment to the arts, a rarity among corporate executives.


LA Weekly

LA Weekly July 12 - 18
Peter Frank

Global Liberty “Also Recommended”, Art Pick of the Week


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Poison Ivy

Global Liberty
Major Body of Work by Jean Ferro
Kennon B. Raines, Staff Writer,
Poison Ivy Magazine - A Women's Intl. Literary Quarterly
(July 1996)

July, 1996 Los Angeles --
As the millennium draws to a close one artist chronicles our times in an amazing display of concept, color and insight. Jean Ferro debuted "Global Liberty" at Los Angeles City Hall for a month long fourth of July show that packed as much punch as any fireworks display!!!

Gathering newspapers from around the world, forty-two to be exact, Ferro superimposed images of the Statue of Liberty on each. The artist kept the headlines current as all papers were collected during the last two weeks of June 1996. Then in an amazing feat of stamina, she had the entire show mounted and hung for the fourth of July spectacular opening.

These large and breathtaking colorful works (each 30" x34" in size) give an in-depth look at our world. Gambia was the only African country from which Ferro could obtain a newspaper. It displayed a photograph of uniformed students sitting servile in a row, heads bowed. The caption read, "Your role is not that of a soldier or a police. Your role is purely to act as responsible citizen's. The uniforms you put on even though they are similar to the ones used by the military, are only meant to identify that you belong to the gnyss" (Gambia Nation Youth Service Scheme.)

The Statue of Liberty haunts the headlines of other international news as well. Underneath her base of the cover of the Irish Times the following line falls, "Peace process into uncertainty." and in the center of Iran's offering, Liberty appears muted, almost shrouded in fumes. Papers could not be obtained from Cuba (the artist substitutes a cuban paper from Miami) or Armenia, and this is telling in and of itself.

The strong influence of American and Pop culture is revealed throughout their predominance of many of the papers. Argentina featured Yuko Ono,Sean Lennon and Joni Mitchell; Greece -Jane & Ted Turner; Canada Jacques Villeneau; Ireland - Bill Murray (whose caption takes on an added meaning in the shadow of Miss Liberty" "Whose Life Is It Anyway?" ;
New Zealand - Rock Hudson; The Irish Times & N. Y. TImes (100th Anniversary) - Timothy Leary; and Russia - David Bowie.

Presentations from other countries stand out for different reasons: The elegance of Switzerland; Israel's bold beautiful style; Iran's striking colors, script & Graphics; and the sensationalism of the Philippines.

There are two non-newspaper entries: one that features the declaration of independence and the other "The New Colossus," the poetic tribute to the Statue of Liberty by Emma Lazarus. The most clever conceptual presentation features Ferro herself. She superimposes an image of herself over the image of Liberty gracing the cover of the N. Y. Times. Ferro raises the world globe in her hand over the torch and her camera juts from Liberty's book of truth. Ferro is shooting straight from the hip
and her aim is true!

The magnitude and relevance of this body of work demands mass exposure. It is at once educational, inspirational & delightful to behold. Ferro emerges as a major artist of our times.

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On Jean Ferro

On Jean Ferro's Global Liberty
by Yuko Shingu
(August 1996)

Ferro utilizes newspapers from 42 different countries in "Global Liberty."The newspapers show how different cultures and countries influence each other. Even if the viewer cannot read the test, these influences ar evident in photographs of political figures, ads of movies, TV guides, and even in comic strips. For example, once can see the major impact that the American mass-media and popular culture has had ont he rest of the world.

The influences between cultures and countries are not limited to material cultures,but also involves people and the movements of peoples around the world. For example, immigration has always been an important aspect of American history.Imig ration is also becoming a more important issue in other countries.

Ferro places different versions of Liberty at the center of each country's newspaper. The title of her work "Global Liberty" carries multiple meanings.

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the American ideal of freedom. Yet, ironically there have been many instances of discrimination and racism in the United States. Ferro is critical of the idealism suggested by this symbol--the Statue of Liberty. at the same time, however, her work conveys a positive message.

1) Today, each country needs to reconsider "liberty". This ideal is not only American; it exists in all countries. Acceptance of "others" and acceptance of diversity is a global issue. Ferro's separate plaque which lists "characteristics", "favored traits", and other categories is interesting. The name of the country is not given. This makes it applicable to any country or to the whole globe. The plaque avoids stereotyping and represents diversity by listing various adjectives.

2) The (one and only) Statue of Liberty is a patriotic symbol of the United States, However, Ferro, by creating multiple Liberties for different countries, redefines the meaning of the symbol. Her multiple Liberties represent respect for the various points of view of people from different countries and cultures.

Ferro's work celebrates the diversity of people in the United States as well as around the world.

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