Through Our Own Eyes, Self Portraits
People Without Homes

Articles Publisher Writer Date
Roofless People New Times Kathleen Vanesian 10/27/94
The Toughest Task The Rangefinder Ron Eggers Nov/93
Living Through Their Eyes, Jean Ferro Gives Homeless People A Chance To Document Their Lives L.A. Reader Kir Roane 8/27/93
Homeless Document Their Day to Day Lives Los Angeles Independant Lee Condon 6/2/93
Los Carentes de Vivienda Documentan Su Vida Con Fotos Edicion Bilingue Independant Lee Condon 6/2/93
Art Through the Eyes of the Homeless Los Angeles Times Iris Yokoi 11/29/92
Women in the News: Photographer Wins Grant to Document the Lives of the Homeless Larchmont Chronicle   Aug/92

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