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The first series of ducks-in-a-row was created in 2002 as SX-70 Polaroids. As I was prepping for my Global Liberty solo exhibition at the Los Angeles City Hall's Bridge Gallery I was feeling a little scattered and overwhelmed with all the work at hand. I visited a well-known gallery owner who saw me floundering for a moment and said... "Jeanne... "get your ducks-in-a-row! and put your Global Liberty project into frames" I was always hesitant about framing art work. A personal issue of feeling confined, a bit odd sine frames... is the most typical way photographs are viewed, in a frame. I kept trying to find ways to do things without frames. In this case, his advice served me well. As I was driving home, those words rang in my ears...get your ducks-in-a-row. The thought inspired me with a newfound strength to power through any obstacle and get the show on the road. I had a small Beanie Baby duck on my desk and to remind me to stay focused, I took a Polaroid of this little fuzzy yellow duck. Cut.. to six years later, the experimental single Polaroid was sitll on my desk when the Focus On Aids Foundation invited me to donate an image for their upcoming auction. In 2002, their goal was to raise money for children. I didn't hesitatke, I knew immediately I wanted to break the mold of classic photography of scenics, personaliaties, nudes and abstracts and take these happy little ducks to auction to raise money for the foundation..

The series #1 raised $1200 for the 2002 FOA auction. I was thrilled. More recently while I was at the annual exhibition photo la in 2011 amost ten years later, a women stopped by the Women In Photography International booth and was looking at an abstract version I created from the scanned original. She told me she purchased the original Polaroid at Focus on Aids in 2002. The in 2011 displayed (in a frame) was a single image from the series of four Polaroids, It's title became "Eight" because there are eight little ducks.

It's a simple theme that has brought a lot of joy to everyone, young and old. It's uplifting and encourages one to stay focused and believe in their goals, their dreams and by keeping your ducks-in-a-row with a lighthardness will help you to achieve and accomplish your dreams.

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